Aleaciones y Metales
Industriales de Saltillo S.A. de C.V.

What we do

AMISSA is a leading aluminum recycler with 25 years of experience, strategically located in the north  of Mexico. We produce a wide variety of secondary aluminum alloys serving the automotive, electrical and house appliance industry mainly. The excellent reputation that characterizes us is based on our world class quality products and a high commitment on service.

Aluminium sows

Aluminium ingots

We cast
  • A380

  • A413

  • A360

  • A383

  • A356

  • A319

Modified Specs
  • HD2BS

  • ADC12

  • AC-2A

  • AC-2B

  • We can also do any specification needed by the customer

  • 5,000 Ton/Month

Our Process

AMISSA has adopted the latest technology  from the preparation of scraps to melting  and quality assurance of our products, this allows us to have controlled and a consistent processes.

Being part of the recycling industry makes us a company that contributes to sustainability because of the high recyclability of aluminum, not to mention that is one of the most advantageous materials in the reduction of energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Company Profile

Created in 1991, Aleaciones y Metales Industriales de Saltillo S.A. de C.V. is a company specialized in the manufacture of secondary  aluminum alloys. To provide Aluminum Alloys through service and continued improvement of all resources of the company for total customer satisfaction.


ISO 9001:2008